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What to do about protecting your data when starting out?

When you meet with people eventually they find out what you do the conversation turns to what is the most important thing on your PC or your laptop or your network or your server or your iPad and so on and my answer is very simple, its the backup. Why? Because your devices are replaceable your documents are too but if you look at the time it takes to recreate your documents versus the time and money it takes to replace the faulty device it is always cheaper to replace the hardware. Us here in Maxwill Solutions have dealt with the good, the bad and the ugly of these situations and we are happy to provide some computer knowledge to new businesses out there.

There are many backup solutions out there from free, yes free, to others which will cost you thousands, if not, millions of dollars. Since, we are concentrating on startup, a beginner, then your best course of action is offsite solutions offered by big technical companies out there. They are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, pCloud, Tresorit and so on and on. Usually the difference between them is space driven since the companies offer only so many gigabytes with free accounts and then in some cases you will be subjected to advertising. I’m not talking about vicious pop-ups, redirects but when you are opening the application you will get some of them. Here’s a breakdown of space you would get with every free account created: Google Drive 15 GB, Microsoft OneDrive 5 GB, DropBox 2 GB, pCloud 20 GB, Tresorit 1 GB with end-to-end ecryption,

Everything I listed requires installation of a client and knowing how to share a data with your staff if need be. Otherwise, your data will be safely stored in data centers or in a cloud.

Always keep in mind that we’re here for your computer, design and marketing needs. We are happy to help with an answer to your question or a service call. We do understand that not all of you are able to afford a full-time IT person on staff so if you need we can come on scheduled basis to address your needs or help you if something happened with your laptop or your computer or your server or the network.

Thank you for your time, Iím looking forward to expand more in my next blog.

Mike Starobinsky,

Sr. Systems Engineer

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