The nerve center of your union organization

Maxwill delivers nationwide server solutions

As union members ourselves, we know how important it is to keep information secure and accessible, both in office and for your membership. That’s why we work with the latest technology, software, and A.I. tools to implement and maintain your servers. Whatever system you work with, our engineers can help you find the right solution for server installation & repair.


Is your server vulnerable?

Your server functions as the nerve center for your union – connecting departments, delivering data, and allowing communication with your membership. However, outdated equipment and software are susceptible to viruses and malware, overheating, and crashing. Is your server healthy? Let us help.

At Maxwill, our experts will:

  • Match the right equipment with your needs
  • Take care of all the installation so you know it’s done right
  • Troubleshoot any system errors and provide quick and complete service
  • Ensure everything is securely protected to cover your legal bases

For your new or expanding server needs, you can rely on our professional service to keep your union running smoothly.

A proactive approach

We know how stressful sudden server failure can be.

Did you lose crucial information?
Is security compromised?
What will the downtime cost?

That’s why we take a proactive approach to server care. Keeping your system current and well-maintained is simpler and more cost-effective in the long run than managing emergency repairs. We help you stay on top of regular updates, upgrades, and minor maintenance so you can streamline your office and union management.

Why do you need Maxwill monthly maintenance services?

  • Stay up-to-date – We use the latest A.I tools to ensure you always benefit from the newest updates and upgrades.
  • Keep your data safe – We offer local and offsite backup and secure information transfer for your peace of mind.
  • Minimize downtime – We use current technology to monitor downtime and diagnose problems for quick resolution.


Why choose Maxwill for your union server installation & repair needs?

If your union IT department is ready for a fresh perspective, our experts are here to help. Our own union experience makes us uniquely qualified to understand the challenges you face every day. Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for today. As technology changes, we will be your partners in efficient service.


We are committed to:

  • Making your job easier with modern tools and equipment designed to work smoothly together
  • Quick response times so you don’t have to lose time or money waiting for solutions
  • Delivering professional service every time – our reputation is built on it

Ready to streamline your union server needs?