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What do you do?

We all have been in various social situations and, unless you’re surrounded by your friends or family or acquaintances, eventually all of the niceties and common toppings become exhausted, men and women go separate ways into small homogeneous cliques and then, with us guys, the conversation leads to “So, what do you do?” question. My usual answer is “I’m in an IT field.” What usually happens is I get asked to explain myself so I say that our company, Maxwill Solutions, provides computer support to small businesses and we also provide website building, social media and marketing services too – Maxwill Marketing. In my first blog I’ll explain what each of these two parts of an IT field do.

Maxwill Solutions computer support falls into two categories (a) managed IT services and / or (b) break-and-fix services:

(a) In managed IT services businesses allow their IT operations to a service provider, known as a MSP or Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider undertakes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business.
(b) In break-and-fix services, the term break-and-fix refers to the fee-for-service technique of providing computer technology services to businesses. Using this method an Information Technologies solution provider performs services as needed and bills the customer only for the work done.

Many people do not differentiate between computer or Information Technology fields lumping together websites, networks, viruses removal, cabling, databases, VoIP, etc but, even though, aforementioned items do belong in the same business sphere many professionals in this field tend to stick with what they know. Meaning, if you’re a programmer you won’t know or able to configure a router just like a web designer won’t remove a viruses from your PC.

Maxwill Marketing encompasses website building, marketing content and manages clients’ exposure via social media companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more. Building a website that just lists your address isn’t enough anymore because without engaging your potential clients via pay for service like GoogleAdWords or proper organic decimation of information is just a waste of your hard earned money. You need to claim your website with Google Maps, you need to set up a Google Plus profile, and then determine which of the social media application to engage your potential client with which again depends on what you do, i.e. if you’re more of a visual entity then it is an Instagram and Facebook or if you’re more of professional entity then LinkedIn and Twitter is more up your alley.

Thank you for your time, I’m looking forward to expand more in my next blog.

Mike Starobinsky,

Sr. Systems Engineer

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