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Managed IT services and how they can help your team

As human beings, we are always accustomed to wanting more. We want more clothes, more cars, more electronics, more everything. Not only has our demand for commodities increased, but the time in which we’re willing to wait for these items has substantially decreased. This means that not only do we want more, but we want it faster as well. As technology continues to impact e-commerce and the world around us, we have seen our union warehouses and building facilities respond to these encompassing changes as well. Amidst this increase in consumer demand, unions have turned to technological innovations and advancements to keep up with rapid and accurate deliveries. But what sorts of technologies exist behind the capability to produce massive quantities? And how are they changing the manufacturing industry for the better? In this blog lets explore some ways that managed IT services are positively changing our warehouses.

Inventory Management and Barcode Scanners

A managed IT service that is rapidly growing in popularity is the usage of technology such as sensors, information technology systems and barcode scanners. These technologies are integral to the process of digitizing data and automating inventory counts in efforts to shift away from the days of having to conduct the manual process of counting each item individually which proves to be time consuming and heavily subject to human error. Automatic data collection carries similar benefits to managed IT services as it helps facilitate tedious processes to make them run more efficiently. This can be seen with the advancement of RFID tags that uploads data automatically while providing detailed insight on real-time inventory information. Barcodes and labels also help boost productivity within unions as it gives workers the ability to document inventory data with nothing more than an effortless label or barcode scan. Union leaders have also started to give their employees mobile devices that allow them to scan barcodes and negate the need to carry around a specific device strictly meant for scanning. These devices are equipped with GPS tracking capabilities that prevent loss of inventory and real-time shipment updates.

AI Tech

AI is a managed IT service with a bright future. AI technology focuses on machine learning which helps AI adapt to its surroundings and subsequently support data accumulation and distribution. For example, interactive mobile automatrons have functionalities that allow them to design fixed work routes around a facility, help associates who are juggling tasks, and to take initiative on tasks surrounding a current warehouse’s condition. With the correct workstation installation, AI technology in the workplace can only be seen as a helpful addition.  Possessing AI tech with an optimized picking route helps in spacing out and maximizing a warehouse or facilities space. AI robots follow their embedded code meticulously and when designed properly, allow for a massive reduction of in-aisle congestion. AI automatrons are also extremely flexible. This means that they are operated based on the needs of the warehouse renting them. Additionally, this helps save on capital as unions and organizations would have no units in excess to factor in additional costs.

Automation IT Software

Automation IT may be the most popular form of managed IT services as Warehouse Management Systems (or WMS) are a common technology used by modern unions all over the country. WMS are software solutions that help gauge levels of inventory and maximize on warehouse space. Automation IT also provides analytics information that helps predict demand quantities as well as helping unions tweak specific inventory properties to meet large orders. Automation IT helps to notify employees if stock levels have reached capacity or if items are stored incorrectly.

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