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IT Solutions Help The Manufacturing Industry

Amongst other startling changes that our society has witnessed in past years, our world is now strategically changing the way in which we produce and manufacture items and products. Our industrial revolution began as far back as 1750, today experts observe that the manufacturing industry has now reached the newest stage of its evolution: “Industry 4.0”. What “Industry 4.0” encompasses is the shift away from products requiring the help of manual labor to be manufactured and instead, an introduction to the world of automation. The true driving force behind these monumental changes is built around the capabilities and functionalities of information technology (IT).  IT solutions help the manufacturing industry take tasks that usually require several workers to complete and facilitates them by implementing the use of computer systems that monitor and control the work process.

How have IT solutions helped the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturers rely on being both time and cost-efficient. That is why automation was a no-brainer as robotics provide better productivity and equate to lower costs at the end of the day. The automation process is composed of three main areas, the human operators, the machines themselves, and the programs that are in charge of running the machines. The whole point of IT solutions in the manufacturing industry is to completely mechanize any duty that requires a human worker to physically accomplish.

Fixed, Flexible, and Programmable Automation

Let’s take a look at some different types of automation used in the industry and how IT solutions help them run smoother and better than ever before:

Fixed Automation: Long gone are the days of men and women lined up along an assembly line, putting together products with their hands. Fixed automation relies on machines using pre-programmed instructions to collectively automate the process of a singular item.

Programmable Automation: Seeing more and more use in developing countries, programmable automation is best practiced by corporations that produce items in bulk. Using a program that can be changed effortlessly, programmable automation is another excellent example of how IT solutions help streamline old forms of production.

Flexible Automation: More complex than programmable automation, flexible automation means that an assembly line program is flexible enough to support the production of a variety of products. With the right database setup, systems can be designed and tweaked so that they’re prepped to produce an array of items or products.

Robot arms and machine workers aren’t the only ways that IT solutions help the manufacturing industry. Nowadays more and more smartphone applications are helping equipment managers with jobs such as monitoring productivity, organizing security protocols, calculating costs, and more. With impeccable network design and implementation, these applications are airtight and hard to tamper with. Here are some of the other ways that IT solutions help support the manufacturing industry:

AI: artificial intelligence, better known as AI can be understood as another machine language. The way that it’s integrated into the manufacturing industry is through a process called smart manufacturing. Manual systems are chucked and replaced with an AI program. This program can collect and analyze data from all the interconnected properties within a factory. What the AI system does with this data is an assessment of qualities such as efficiency, effectiveness, and condition of the operational machinery being used.

Cloud Computing: When your company or corporation is producing items or products at a high rate, this means that data is also gathered, collected, and stored at an equally high rate as well. Data storage can be expensive. To avoid unnecessary storage costs, companies in the manufacturing industry can decide to use cloud storage. With cloud computing in place, all sections of a warehouse or factory can share needed information without needing to constantly pay for more data storage.

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