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Examples of IT Solutions IN The Manufacturing Industry

Undoubtedly, the manufacturing industry is a sector that our world deems a crucial necessity. Our societies have grown to be accustomed to more. More food, more resources, more luxuries, more everything. The ones required to support this high rate of expenditure are manufacturing companies. With more consumption than ever before, our manufacturing processes required new changes to satisfy the demand of our new world. That is where IT solutions came in. Examples of IT solutions in the manufacturing industry helped in a multitude of ways. Industry 4.0 brought along new software programs to track data, machine learning, digital technology interfaces, and the revolution of IoT (internet of things). The evolution of technological advancement in the workplace is more than just a bunch of robot arms that build things. So let’s break down some of these IT solutions and what they do for the manufacturing industry.

EXAMPLES OF IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry:

Manufacturing Software Systems:

Nowadays, if a manufacturing company wants to truly set itself apart from competitors, a software program for their repetitive automation is needed. Having proper manufacturing software helps companies ascertain which areas of their process are working well and which areas also need improvement. Many types of manufacturing software also help with difficult tasks such as distributing workloads, allocating resources towards priority requirements, and organizing production schedules. Routing is a key function of manufacturing systems as it helps determine and manage routing info such as machine IDs, workforce members, duration capabilities, BOM codes, and more. At the end of the day, a solid manufacturing system is not just a helpful addition. It should instead be regarded as an integral IT solution for the manufacturing industry.

The Internet of Things:

With proper database setup, the industrial internet of things (IoT) can provide to be a saving grace for machinery and workers. The way that the IoT works is by collecting all information from different components surrounding a facility or workspace and integrating them together. IoT uses this collective information to provide in-depth data reports on an array of connected sectors within a workspace. For example, data such as health metrics of employees can be monitored so that workplace injuries or medical accidents can be avoided. Customer experience will also see a positive improvement with the help of the industrial internet of things. This is because IoT can be set up to supervise quality control of products as well as detect faulty or tampered items. From governing shipping logistics to developing sensors, codes, and more, IoT can be seen as the powerhouse behind an efficient manufacturing process.

Cyber-Physical Workers

While mechanical arms and robot workers aren’t the exclusive change to the manufacturing industry, they are still one of the most important innovations in Industry 4.0. Cyber-physical systems mix the capabilities of IoT and similar properties of a manufacturing system.  Cyber-physical workers are a jack of all trades IT solution as they follow an embedded system that allows them to monitor their own condition and productivity. The system has excellent network design and implementation, as its embedded software is designed to track itself and implement changes to its physical system accordingly. The result of this integration is the industrial robot we already see in so many industries today. Every day more and more intricate prototypes are being developed, with some of the best models being able to produce and execute over 30 individual tasks.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is an environmentally conscious addition to Industry 4.0. Additive manufacturing consists of three-dimensional objects being created with sustainable materials. Some may already recognize this technology as “3D printing”. Materials are deposited in layers and do not require the addition of heavy machinery or other forms of industrial production. Additive manufacturing is seen as a greener alternative to industrial manufacturing, as it focuses on implementing sustainable materials and produces less unused material.

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