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In the days before COVID-19, life was very different. Remote technical support providers were pretty helpful to the day-to-day lives of many IT departments. Today however, they are a necessity. There are many IT departments that wholeheartedly support and live by remote technical support to get many things done and facilitate many of the functions that companies must complete throughout the day. Remote technical support services is a sentence that is composed of many terms. The part of it that is “remote” means that the technical support services can be provided to someone who is living in a completely different location such as Auburn Hills, Rochester, Rochester Hills and even Birmingham. It is actually very strange for a company not to provide remote technical support services as opposed to them having it as an option. If you are wondering what is remote technical support, then understand that it encompasses many different things and has many different qualities and capabilities to help people. From computer network design and implementation to managed support services, set-up installations, incident-based support services, and more, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the benefits of remote technical support services.

Incident-Based Support

While it is mainly used only for Linux and Microsoft servers, what incident-based support does is concentrate on the IT obstacles that leave users confused and at a loss for options. These are typically issues such as product functionality, firewall breaches and general error messages, amongst many other possible problems. It is called incident-based because when the problem is fixed or even attempted in some cases, the charge is applied regardless of the outcome of the attempt. 

Installation and Set-up Support – Remote Technical Support Services

Other remote technical support services include installation and set-up support. This is because when something is being introduced on someone’s system, it is always best to make sure that the thing that is being set-up is properly installed. This is because if something isn’t set up correctly, then it will cause more problems after installation, versus the problems that it will be fixing. Support providers do all the things that we often forget to do when setting up our system or servers. Those are things like checking that the system being implemented is up-to-date, assessing the functionality of your hardware, double-checking if there is enough spare memory on your operating system, and that the overall framework of the new system being installed fits your needs.

Managed Support Services

While it isn’t as principle of a service as some of the other options that were mentioned, managed services support is still an integral piece to any team of remote technical support services providers. What manages services support aims to do is maintain a leadership role in the realm of tasks and contract information with an IT service support provider and the customer. Managed services support is responsible for carefully understanding any and all problems and obstacles one may have with a server computer or operating system. Managed services support also takes into account the fact that your company may have a certain goal and budget in place. They take this information into account and then coordinate your IT services accordingly. Some other properties and things that managed services support does is also data backup and recovery coverage, data center management, scheduling equipment checks, and other repetitive duties that keep our systems fully operational. 

Maxwill Solutions – Remote Technical Support Services

Maxwill Solutions has all the tools available to properly assist your IT department in using the right system and server software needed for your business to efficiently and effectively do their job. We have the tools to help you reach your goals and productivity standards while also being proficient in network design implementation, disaster recovery network security, monthly costs, small business technology and more. Our remote technical support services remain unmatched and are completely capable in helping you from whatever location you reside in. 

If you are interested in our services and would like to help your organization navigate their IT solutions with ease, then contact us today or give us a call at +1 248-956-0607 and inquire about the services we provide.

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