Maxwill Gives Your Union Piece of mind

An in-house IT department can be costly. But why rely on dedicated IT service which only reacts to trouble after it happens. Our experienced staff knows what keeps your Union leaders up at night and we have the experience to anticipate issues so you don’t have to. And when you have IT support which isn’t focused on your needs, or has little experience in Union-specific issues, they have to learn on the fly. This is insufficient for your operations, can shut down your activities and force you to pay for their “learning curve.”

At Maxwill, we partner with Unions for the full extent of your IT care and needs at a fraction of the cost of a fulltime IT department. Our knowledge helps you rest easier, knowing you have a team that covers your operations from email, to network configurations and support, data back-up and restoration, system security, and more, Maxwill is your around the clock support team.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Basically, an MSP is a third party tasked with overseeing your day-to-day I.T. needs, security, backup, and other system requirements. An alternative to both the break-fix approach and to an onsite I.T. department, MSPs offer remote monitoring and management to help you stay on top of your network needs.

As union members ourselves, we understand how the task of I.T. management often falls to whoever has the most “tech experience” instead of a trained and dedicated professional. Without proper knowledge of the latest in cyber-security, hardware and software maintenance, or other specifics, you put your network at risk.

Our team at Maxwill is the perfect solution to outsource your I.T. needs. We are committed to keeping your life as stress-free as possible by simplifying and securing your network, protecting you from potential liabilities.

A proactive approach to your network health

Rather than waiting for disaster to strike, we make it our priority to prevent emergencies by knowing your network and the best tools to maintain it. Our experts will ensure your information is secure, all systems are monitored and backed up regularly, and everything is integrating smoothly.

We provide only the best software to support your union. Want to minimize the risk of security breaches, data loss, or server downtime? With Maxwill, you can be confident that you’re getting the most up-to-date options to keep your organization at the top of your industry.

The Maxwill difference: helping you sleep at night

We combine our knowledge of union administration and operations with our expertise in the I.T. field to deliver managed services that help you rest easy. Give your office management, staff, and members peace of mind by partnering with Maxwill today.

We are committed to:

  • Making your job simpler with the latest software, up-to-date security measures, and monitoring so you stay on top of your network
  • Quick response times so you don’t have to lose time or money waiting for managed I.T. solutions
  • Delivering professional service every time — our reputation is built on it

Ready to let Maxwill be your expert I.T. Managed Service Provider?

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